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Randall Powell

This is the memorial page for Randall Powell, native of Ystalyfera, killed during the Second World War when the ex-liner RMS Lancastria was bombed and sunk at St. Nazaire in June 1940.

The information on Randall Powell comes principally from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, from the South Wales Voice newspaper, and the Parish Burial Register (courtesy of the Swansea Archives).

NameRandall Powell
Date of Death17th June 1940
Born c 1904
Place of DeathRMS Lancastria, bombed and sunk at Saint Nazaire, France
Age at Death36
Unit and RegimentPioneer Corps; 50 Coy. Aux. Mil. [Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps]
Service Number13001434
MemorialDunkirk Memorial, France; Column 153.
Local MemorialsYstalyfera War Memorial
Personal Information Son of Richard James Powell and Mary Hannah Powell, of Minyfford, Ystalyfera.
Aboard the Lancastria when it was attacked and sunk.
Known BrothersThomas POWELL (Born Ystalyfera 1905)
Daniel POWELL (Born Ystalyfera 1909)
Known SistersAnnie Jane

From the South Wales Voice of 27th July 1940 we learn that Randall Powell has been posted missing:-

The sympathy of the district is readily extended to Mr and Mrs Richard Powell, Minyfford, who for the last 7 weeks have heard nothing from their son, Sergeant Randall Powell, of the Pioneer Corps.
As a result of enquiries made at the War Office, on behalf of the parents by Sir William Jenkins, MP Mr and Mrs Powell have this week received the news that their son must be presumed missing. He was serving in France when last heard from.
Sergeant Powell is the eldest son of Mr and Mrs Powell and for the last 12 years has resided in Birmingham.

Loss of the Lancastria
The loss of the RMS Lancastria is one of the largest disasters in British maritime history. The ex-Cunard liner was crowded with evacuees from France as the German military completed over-running the country, and had been told to ignore international legal limits on loading, and to take as many men aboard as possible. Given the chaotic situation, the exact number may never be known, but could be as high as 6000, from numerous different regiments and companies. The Lancastria was embarking at Saint Nazaire, on the West coast of France, taking on board everyone who had not been trapped in the Dunkirk salient. Without a destroyer escort, the captain feared that his ship would be vulnerable to u-boat attack and delayed departure, but in the event it was bombed and sunk in harbour by Luftwaffe bombers, and being fully laden with fuel, exploded into an inferno. Details of the loss of the Lancastria can be found on several pages, including:-

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