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Horace Yorke

This is the memorial page for Horace Yorke, native of Ystalyfera, killed during the First World War. The newspaper reports (below) appear to indicate that whilst Private Yorke was badly injured in the Autumn of 1915, he subsequently returned to active duty on the Western Front and was killed in action there on 1st May 1916.

The information on Horace Yorke comes principally from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, from the Labour Voice newspaper, and the Parish Burial Register (courtesy of the Swansea Archives).

NameHorace Yorke
Date of Death30th July 1917
Place of Death
Age at Death
Unit and RegimentWelsh Guards
RankLance Corporal
Service Number1274
Additional InformationBorn 1890 Bow Essex
Former Muller Orphanage Boys Home at Bristol. Went to work for Messrs D Lloyd and Sons Ystalyfera In 1911 he was registered as a lodger at Zoar Road Ystalyfera and he was working as an iron mongers haulier.
Enlisted Ystalyfera April 1915
Known to have three brothers - one who was a Prisoner of War in Germany
Local MemorialsYstalyfera War Memorial
Family Details
Known Brothers
Known SistersViolet Rosina

From the Labour Voice newspaper, 9th October 1915 :-

Several Ystalyfera soldiers, including Private Leslie Thomas, Sid. Edwards (Pantteg), Horace Yorke (late of Messrs. D. Lloyd and Sons), and Tom Henwood (Clare Road), took part with their regiment (the Welsh Guards) in a battle on the western front about a fortnight ago. And we regret to learn that Private Yorke was wounded in the encounter and has since been brought to hospital in England. Private Leslie Thomas in a graphic letter to his parents (Mr. William Thomas, grocer Pantteg and Mrs. Thomas) stated that Private Henwood had fallen in the battle, but the War Office states that Private Henwood's name does not appear in the casualty list. It is possible he has been taken prisoner.

From the Labour Voice newspaper, 16th october 1915 :-

Private Horace Yorke of the Welsh Guards, formerly in the employ of Messrs. D. Lloyd and Sons, Ystalyfera, who as reported last week has been wounded in France, has now been brought home to hospital in Woolwich. He has been visited there by Ystalyera friends and it appears that his injuries were somewhat serious. He will not be able to get to Ystalyfera for some time to come.

From the Labour Voice newspaper, 11th December 1915:-

Private Horace Yorke, formerly employed at Messrs. D Lloyd and Sons, has been in Ystalyfera on ten day's leave from hospital. He was wounded in both legs at the Battle of Loos, as well as prostrated by gas, so he is not likely to be well enough to return to the front for some time. Private Yorke is serving with the Welsh Guards.

From the Labour Voice newspaper, 18th December 1915:-

The first presentation by the Chamber of Trade to a local soldier home from the front was made last Saturday to Private Horace Yorke who, as stated in our last issue, was spending a few days in the district before returning to the front. The present consisted of a handsome silver cigarette case which had been suitably inscribed by Mr D. W. Jenkins. We understand that there are several other names under consideration, so it is probable that other presentations will follow shortly.

From the Labour Voice newspaper, 19th August 1916:-

Private Horace Yorke of the Welsh Guards came on leave on Saturday and returned on Wednesday. Prior to the war he was engaged as an assistant to Messrs D Lloyd and Sons, ironmongers and had come from Muller's Homes. He has been wounded and has still a piece of shrapnel in his leg. Private Yorke also mounted guard over Casement at the Tower.

Sir Roger Casement - from Wikipedia
Reproduced under Creative Commons

A British consul by profession, Casement became famous for his reports and activities against human rights abuses in the Congo (his well-known Casement Report) and Peru, and also for his dealings with Germany before Ireland's Easter Rising in 1916. An Irish nationalist and Parnellite supporter in his youth, in Africa he worked for commercial interests and latterly in the service of the UK.

However, the Boer War and his consular investigation into atrocities in the Congo and in South American rubber plantations led Casement to anti-Imperialist and ultimately to Irish Republican and separatist political opinions. He sought to obtain German support for a rebellion in Ireland against British rule. Shortly before the Easter Rising, he landed in Ireland and was arrested. He was subsequently convicted and executed for treason.

From the Cambrian Daily Leader newspaper, 10th September 1917 :-

Corporal Horace Yorke (30) Welsh Guards formerly employed by Messrs D Lloyd and Sons Ystalyfera, has been killed in action in France on 31st August. He enlisted in April 1915. He was gassed a month or so after going out and invalided home. He went back to France about a year ago and in the recent fighting was killed by a shell. He has three brothers with the colours, one of whom is a prisoner of war in Germany.

The New Orphan Houses, Ashley Down, commonly known as the Muller Homes, was an orphanage in the district of Ashley Down, in the north of Bristol. They were built between 1849 and 1870 by the Prussian evangelist George Müller to show the world that God not only heard, but answered, prayer. The five Houses held 2,050 children at any one time and some 17,000 passed through their doors before the buildings were sold to Bristol City Council in 1958.

The sister of Horace, Violet Rosina was in this Orphanage in 1911 and Horace came to Ystalyfera from the orphanage.


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