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Lloyds Bank Memorial, Ystalyfera

In 1921 Lloyds Bank created a memorial, presumably at their HeadQuarters, listing the names of their employees who were killed in action in the First World War. Each branch received a photographic engraving of this memorial, including the Lloyds Bank in Ystalyfera, which is now where the children's nursery is, next to the war memorial in Commercial Street.

The Lloyds Bank Memorial

The Lloyds Bank memorial contained the name of one local man, Mr Llew B Elsmere who was killed in action.

From the Labour Voice newspaper, 5th November 1921 :-

A photogravure of the memorial recently unveiled at Lloyds Bank by Sir Richard Vasser, president of the bank, to members who fell in the Great War has been presented to each local branch. One has been received by the local branch at Ystalyfera and when framed will be hung in the office. It will be interesting to note that the memorial contains one local name - the late Mr Llew B Elsmere, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Elsmere, late of Alltygrug Road - who was killed in action. Any relatives of the fallen whose names are inscribed on this memorial may have one of these photogravures by applying through the local branch.

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Remembering The Fallen
The war graves and remembrance graves of Ystradgynlais and of Ystalyfera form an important part of local history, and on separate domains we have established websites dedicated to preserving the memory of those who fell in the world wars. These websites also index local cemeteries, memorials and monuments, as well as include many excerpts from the Llais newspaper, archived at Ystradgynlais Library.

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